Windows 8 Windows RT Microsoft Surface test notes

  • xyz-surface-rt-1 computer name too long or invalid name? but which one?
  • wireless- didn’t see WPA2-Enterprise APs during setup, only after
  • news & some other – properties on top, not bottom?
  • Windows Update – 4 updates – KB2712101 camera codec pack, RT KB2756872, definition KB2267602 1.139.634.0
  • then definition updates again 1.139.666.0 after reboot, definition update again day 2 1.139.712.0
  • 15 updates in store – Bing, News, Finance, Photos, Games, SkyDrive, Travel, Video, Music, Sports, Weather + Maps, Camera, Reader? “Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging” shows as own, but not listed as installed
  • No PrtSc key in Touch Cover, or on screen keyboard how to screen capture. snip tool only works in desktop side.  plug in a USB keyboard works. or use Windows (the one below screen only, not the one on physical keyboard) + Volume Down keys, save to my pictures\screenshots
  • IE – default –
  • no final update to Office 2013 RT preview in Windows Update at first, supposedly out already on Day 1 –, show up day 2 KB2748583 586.0MB
  • Explorer.exe error on first shutdown
  • no built-in VPN like Android or iOS?
  • lower left click for start screen- no equivalent in touch, have to do Win+C Charm/right swipe?
  • lower left right click menu only for mouse, doesn’t work with touch long press right click?
  • cannot rename favorite, save file in IE metro, have to do in desktop side
  • Chinese (PRC) Pinyin SimpleFast IME – popular words dictionary update KB2723161 107KB. no hand recognition until install CHS language pack update KB2607607 (it takes a very long time to install)
  • no separate search in Windows store? have to use search and filter
  • cannot click on publisher and list all published apps
  • paint buttons too small for touch screen
  • on screen keyboard didn’t show up in search box, xbox live game signin
  • reader not in start screen, have to pin yourself
  • store got out of sync.  8zip didn’t get installed, several apps installed not listed in my app.
  • no WiDi?
  • Surface TouchCover slightly different from TypeCover touchpad.  TypeCover doesn’t have mouse divider and buttons separated from trackpad.
  • no F1 … F12 keys on soft keyboard, only on TypeCover, TouchCover
  • no icon in lower right corner for rename Metro Start screen groups, just do zoom, click group to rename
  • power adapter magnetic connector really weak, unlike the keyboard covers, hard to hook up.  LED didn’t go off when finished charging?
  • reset delete windows updates and pin/desktop items, have to reinstall and reset.  windows store apps reinstall automatically.
  • no Microsoft Studio games – Minesweeper, Solitaire, and Mahjong, only x86, x64?
  • microHDMI and/or HDMI, VGA adapters really flimsy (bent too much in the box?), touch it, it lose connection, support not sure both adapters and/or surface itself, one option is go to Holiday pop-up store to see whether they have one to try or do exchange, cross ship (with credit card) or standard exchange.


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