Windows Surface RT reviews

Microsoft Surface Review Roundup – Digits – WSJ

The Windows RT Review

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT review
Bright display with low glare
Distro Issue 63: Will Microsoft’s Surface tablet rise to the occasion? — Engadget
camera poor quality?

Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Is Technological Heartbreak

Microsoft Surface for Windows RT
can also accept stylus input
Microsoft Surface review | The Verge
Tim Cook: Surface appears to be ‘a fairly compromised, confusing product’ | The Verge

Surface with Windows RT Review
I cancelled my Microsoft Surface order – SlashGear

Microsoft Dives Deep to Surface a Hit

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT,2817,2411249,00.asp
Micro-HDMI port?
“Always connected”?
Kickstand assist only on left face?
Speakers are very soft
Proprietary charger port
Microsoft Surface With Windows RT is DOA | News & Opinion |,2817,2411340,00.asp
Windows RT Is Too Important to Die Off | News & Opinion |,2817,2411379,00.asp
Pay What?! Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Is Too Pricey | News & Opinion |,2817,2411044,00.asp

Microsoft’s Lync and OneNote apps for Windows 8, Windows RT now in Windows Store

7 reasons why Windows RT works
Microsoft Surface for Windows RT (Nvidia Tegra Processor; 10.6-inch display)

Windows Pushes Into the Tablet Age – Walt Mossberg

Review: Surface RT, Microsoft’s bid for a ‘thing’ of its own

Don’t Call The New Microsoft Surface RT A Tablet, This Is A PC | TechCrunch

Surface with Windows RT: Unboxing and Day Two Notes

Microsoft Surface review: A tale of two tablets

Microsoft Surface reviews: come for the hardware, tolerate the software

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT Review
Sluggish and unresponsive at times

Here’s Why Surface Beats Apple’s iPad: Ballmer – US Business News – CNBC

A Look At Competitors to the Surface and iPad – Slashdot

REVIEW: Microsoft Surface RT a great yin to iPad’s yang

Windows RT supports 420 million peripherals (printers, displays, keyboards, etc) – Liliputing

Get Your Google Back – YouTube


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