Novel/TV 小說/電視劇:仙侠奇缘之花千骨 The Journey of Flower Author 作者:Fresh果果

Young Adult Fantasy novel, forbidden teacher student love

Bad: problematic of love sequences by setting some character(s) at age 12 or so  (same happens in 一騎絕塵 and plenty anime), even they don’t grow old, supposedly already 17/18.


  • continuity, edit problems
  • repeated dialogs
  • TV – bite neck to suck blood scene removed.  it is in the opening sequence.
  • choice of character for king character – those giant nose nostrils is distracting, why choose that actor, he is not that good either.
  • differences from book – failing of the goddess is superficial – mostly the dark mark on forehead
  • very rush ending – return to temple, how to resurrect, only by dialog



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